Thursday, October 3, 2013

What did I want to create?
I wanted to create an abstract painting of a mysterious creature. I wanted to use bright colored paints to make it very bright. 

What did I create?
I created a weird creature and made it look kind of tribal. I used bright colors to make it stand out. 

1. To make the painting bright and fun
2. To make it look tribal and spiritual 

I accomplished these goals by making it bright and it looks both, tribal and spiritual. 

Materials I needed and used. 
I used a paint brush, acrylic paint and a canvas. 

Elements of art that I used. 
Color- I used bright poppy colors 
Shape- I made many shapes and details 
Space- I tried to use most of the space I had 

Most proud of/ least proud of. 
I am most proud of the random creature I created. I am also proud of the tribal hat I painted. 
I am least proud of the little mountains on the bottom. I think I could have made them look more detailed. 

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