Monday, December 8, 2014

Semester Reflection

This semester I have learned many things and expanded my art work. My favorite units we did were, the black and white charcoal project, and the scratchboard. I really enjoyed the charcoal because I learned different blending techniques. I liked the scratchboard project because I took my time and learned some different scratching methods to get the right look. My favorite materials I used this semester were, the gum erasers (big and small) and the carving tools. Even though I do not like how this project turned out, it was still a neat experience to try this type of art. My other favorite materials were, pastels, and charcoal because you can blend these very nicely and get good textures.
I learned how to carve erasers this year, even though it was hard and took a lot of time. It was still neat to do  more of a 3d type art project. I learned how to blend really well with charcoal by using different materials like, felt etc. I really like my art projects I created this semester. I think each year and semester my art work is continuously changing, and I am starting to know what my niche is. I learned that I am good at charcoal and pastels, and typography, and Im not very good at carving stamps or with water color and glue.
In the future in art I would like to try to maybe do 1 clay project, because I do NOT like clay at all. I feel like it would still be good to work with it though. I would also like to do more acrylic painting, and maybe more colleague type art.

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