Wednesday, September 30, 2015

End of the different quotes

1.) I created a series of water color paintings. On them I put quotes that I enjoy. I used water color paint, and sharpie marker. I painted all of them on paper except, one was on cardboard. I choose to do this project because quotes make me feel happy about life.
2.) I looked up specific quotes on different topics. I narrowed them down to my top favorite.
3.) I met the project goals by taking my time and making sure I liked the quotes I picked. I also used a lot of the elements of art, color, line, shape.
4.) I enjoyed doing this project because I got to paint with bright colors. I also got to use quotes that I love. I learned how to blend water color paint.
5.) I love Olivias paintings, I am going to try to do something similar for my next project.

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